Second Xiaomi Aquara Temperature value not updated

Hello, I have the Problem that the second aquara temperature sensor added in things show no value. Only the first added temperature sensor from aquara is displayed correctly.


Only the Livingroom_Temperature (Kinderzimmer) is frequently updated

From Logviewer I’m getting following error:

This is the second sensor

My things file:

items file:

sitemap file:

Does anyone has an idea?


Second items channel should be: "hue:0302:xxxxxx:temperature-sensor1:temperature"
Same kind of config as the first one. why is it so different?

Hi thanks your help. Unfornuately that doesnt help to change to temperature-sensor1 :frowning:

I think the problem is that I added the second temperatur sensor manually through my default.things…

The first temperature sensor was added automatic through serach function in the paper UI. But the second sensor can not be found through the search function…

Well, it is ONLINE?

Yes I can see the sensor in the Phoscon App. I’m using the raspbee as a gateway
Raspbee and openhab running on two different pi’s

By adding manually thorugh default.items the second sensor goes online in the paper ui

NO, I meant, is the Thing online in the PaperUI? Can you give me a screen shot of the one that work and of the one that doesn’t

The bottom one work “temperature-sensor”
The above one don’t work “temperature-sensor1”

The working one:

The not working one:

The two things have the same name…

Yes I saw that than tried to change the name of the two things in the paper UI but I cant. Getting Error 409 Conflict:

Do you have an idea two change manually?

That’s because one of the things if define in text file

So what should I do? Delete the sensor in th default.thing than add the sensor manually through paper ui?`or what is the best way do add the second sensor correctly?

With paperUI

I deleted everything from my default.things to use PaperUI to add all the stuff. But it doesnt work.
PaperUI find only the “simulated” Hue Bridge and my Hue Bulb but the Xiaomi Sensors wont show up
Adding a thing manually through the PaperUI wont work also. Look here
This ist generated …also a bug or I’m doing something wrong?
It should look like this

If adding the temperature sensor trough default.things as described here ( PaperUi generate the sensors correctly but with the same name!.. I think theres a bug with the hue binding…