Secure include a garage door?

Ubuntu 16.04 LTE 64bit + Zstick Gen5 + openhab 2.2.0~20170802113105-1 + Z-Wave binding-zwave - 2.2.0.SNAPSHOT
Zwave motion sensors & light switches all work well.

Linear NGD00Z-4 Garage Door Controller was included in a regular way, not the Secure inclusion. Many channels were found. But no way to open/close the Garage Door.

Log shows secure inclusion was not done yet? How can I secure include it?

Thank you.

There’s an ongoing discussion going on in this thread. You definitely want to be using the binding @chris provided at the top of the thread, I believe. Any issues should also be reported in that thread, and you’ll notice a few people including myself reporting some struggles with secure include.