Secure login and different account

I’m using OpenHab2 on my raspberry pi3.
I have created account on cloud for connect my iphone by internet.
When I’m inside my LAN, I use only the IP for connecting my iphone.

My questions:

  1. can I configure a secure login when I’m on my LAN with login and password?
  2. can I create different account for different function (sitemap different for different users)

Thanks a lot

  1. Yes. You can either run a local instance of the openHAB Cloud software or configure a reverse proxy using NGINX or Apache. Then configure your network on your hosts and/or router to not allow access to the openHAB ports on that machine.

  2. No you cannot.

There is work started but stalled to add authentication to OH. It’s not clear when/if it will be implemented and it’s pretty certain the RBAC (Role Based Access) type controls will not be part of the initial release.

thanks a lot for reply
I have installed apache for my web server (same information of openhab, but written in php/html).
Could you suggest how I have to do?
Is better NGINX for openhab? so to have separeted my web server from openhab.


Thanks a lot
I have tried to configure OpenHab, but I have some problem:

  1. I don’t stop access with http on port 8080
  2. I don’t reach my web server over apache2 with https url

Unfortunately I can only answer with about the same amount of detail you’ve provided to describe your problem.

You did it wrong.

See How to ask a good question / Help Us Help You and post a new thread with details and someone may be able to help.