Security Camera Recommendations

(Walt Jones) #21

I recently aquired two F18910W Foscam cameras (bargain at $20 for both). I am fairly new to OH. I have read through most of the community articles on this topic and dont see a definitive solution. I have added the newest IPCam binding, and tried adding my cams into Items with no luck. The paperUI states the destination is unreachable. I have updated the firmware and UI to the last release.

I have tried lots of ports and URL combos with no luck.

Has anyone been successful without adding Motion? If so, what does the configuration look like?


(Skinah) #22

Does the F18910W fall into the newer HD range or the older pre HD models? The older cameras do not implement the Foscam HD API that the IpCamera binding uses. You will need to implement the cameras the old way with REST calls. Any further questions you are best to open your own thread.