SECURITY_ERROR Device message contained nonce that is unknown to us, id=0

I am trying securely include device into zwave network which supports Security command class, but eventually I get error in the logs:
SECURITY_ERROR Device message contained nonce that is unknown to us, id=0
Any idea why I am getting this error?

I am using OH2 and zwave binding version 2 pulled on Wednesday from repositories.

Log dump attached:
log.xml (421.2 KB)

OH2 doesn’t currently support security so, as you’e found, this doesn’t work at the moment…

Thank you for prompt answer. Is there a way to run zwave binding 1.9 on OH2 ?

Yes - you can do this - no problem.

Sorry, I just want to clarify will I be able to securely include devices with OH2 and zwave binding 1.9?

Yes - the OH1 binding supports security, so hopefully no problem (depending on your devices maybe - I don’t use OH1 these days so cant comment too much).

OH2 security hopefully won’t be too far away.

Chris, sorry for late response, but how do I run zwave binding 1.9 on opehab 2, because I can’t see zwave binding 1.9 on Paper UI? Does the Habmin 2 support zwave binding version 1.9?

Yes - you can run 1.9 binding under OH2 - it should be an option in PaperUI. If it’s not in PaperUI, then just download it and drop it in the addons folder.

Well I think I got zwave 1.9 binding running on Openhab 2, but Habmin 2 or Paper UI still doesn’t list it under bindings lists and I am not able to pair zwave devices using zwave 1.9 binding.

bundle:list says that zwave 1.9 is active. I copied openhab.cfg to conf directory as well.

Did you ever figure this out? I decided to go through the process of removing all my Zwave Things and migrating them to an .items file, removed the zwave 2 binding and installed the 1.9 binding so I could get my locks working. Now I am sitting here trying to figure out how to put the controller into inclusion mode because there isn’t a method in Habmin or PaperUI that can do it. Is there a command in karaf to do it? Rest API?

nm… I ended up hooking my OH1 server back up, re-including it there and then moving the node xml and the security key over to the OH2 box and it seemed to pick it up.

Mike, thanks for your input. I did not managed to get my device paired neither with zwave binding version 1.9, nor with 2.0, but I am glad that it somehow worked for you.