Security:EXTERNAL leads to no-working OpenHAB

Hi there,
I’m using OpenHAB 1.4 on a Synologoy R812. It’s up and running as long as I dont use security:EXTERNAL. If I do so I can login to the Frontend and see/use the OpenHAB Frontend, I can click buttons for switching light on and off but they dont work --> no light is switched on. If I change back to commending out security:EXTERNAL everything works fine.
Any ideas? Help would be much appreciated!

My first question would be why are you using such an old version of openHAB? The current OH 1 version is 1.7.1.

To understand whether this is a problem caused by a bug in the old version verses something else going on I would recommend upgrading to 1.7.1.

Easy to answer: there was a package for my Synology which I could take and install. As I am not even a basic Linux user I have no idea how to get 1.7. installed on my Synology… :wink: If there would be a 1.7. install package I’d easily upgrade. But working in a terminal is something I never do…

But I’ll try to upgrade to 1.7.1 (I think I got an idea how to do it) and then we’ll see. Meanwhile: thanx for your reply! If I may post my upcoming problems again I’m really thankful. Happy upgrading to 1.7.1. for me now :slight_smile:

I updated to 1.7.1 and now it works. Was obviously a bug in v1.4. Thanx again.