Security Setup Help/Discussion

I’m new to HA, openHAV, z-wave. What I’d like to accomplish is a home security system. I’d like a system that monitors window/door closure state, maybe a few motion detectors, and trips a alarm/siren when something occurs. The system needs to be able to be armed and disarmed.

So far I’ve managed to install the openHAB software. Configure the z-wave binding. Get openHAB to recognize and use a Z-Stick Gen 5. Paired the system with an enerwave motion sensor and configured items and sitemap to validate the the sensor is functioning. Yippy.

Now I’m trying to figure out how I get the arm/disarm implemented. I’ve never owned a security system, but it seems they always have a keypad for this functions. Would that be the way to go? If so, how to I accomplish this. I don’t see any z-wave keypads for sale. Would some kind keyed toggle/switch make more sense? Maybe it could be setup to use the same key as opens the door locks? I’m not sure how to approach this, can anyone offer up thoughts or suggestions?

Thanks for the help


You could try something like a virtual switch in your sitemap. This switch, assuming you are using a mobile app could then be used to arm/disarm with a rule set. If armed, sound siren, send notices, use Twilio or something to call Mom, whatever. When the switch is off, bypass the rules.


Thanks for the response. Switching the logic on/off based on a boolean seems logical.

I’m not planning on having internet access for this system. So the mechanism to toggle the boolean value is what I want to nail down.

After more thought a keypad seems like it will be the only solution that my boss (wife) is going to accept. I can’t seem to find anything keypad related that has Z-Wave. I’d assumed since there are deadbolts with keypads and zwave that I would be able to find just the keypad.

I’ll keep looking I guess


Another option may be to use a z-wave keyfob, e.g. A number of alarm panels these days provide keyfob options for activation/de-activation.

A further option could be to use your phone’s bluetooth for presence detection, though this may be more temperamental.

Thanks for all the responses. I think for now I’ll attempt the have a switch to arm/disarm, with an eye to improve this in the future.

Again, thanks