Security - SSL Connection, myopenhab, users.cfg

Hi there,

For some reason for the past few days, connection through myopenhab cloud has been intermittent.
So I’d like to set up direct access (in this case direct access is done through two ssh tunnels, but that’s another matter) so I have an option in case myopenhab fails.

If I set up direct access with my current config, the app works through myopenhab, but direct access asks for no login, which is not secure at all. This config is: no users defined in users.cfg. security set to EXTERNAL in openhab.cfg. App set for myopenhab cloud URL and myopenhab credentials.

If I change security to ON in openhab.cfg, define a user in users.cfg, direct access through SSL asks for login and it works with the user created in users.cfg. However the app ceases to work with my openhab cloud, returns non authorized error.

Is there any way to make both ways work? Or am I limited to one or the other?


I’m also interested in this. With the AWS outage yesterday, I realized how dependent some of my rules are on IFTTT and myopenhab. It would be great to have access directly to OH outside my network and access through myopenahb.