Security System for a project

Hi there, currently I’m working on a smarthouse school project and I’m having some issues with OpenHab. First of all I want to know how to handle with a sensor, with this I mean how can I read the signal and take action giving that signal, this is by activating through the server the alarm and then if the sensor gives me the signal then the buzzer goes off.

Sorry for my grammar hope everyone can understand my issue.

You don’t say what kind of issues you are having, but from your other questions it sounds like you are not too familiar with the OpenHAB system.

Have you read the documentation?

I suggest you read through this thouroghly to get a feel for the concept, terminology, etc.

Then to your questions:

You need a sensor (to detect something; maybe motion or an open door?) and an actuator (to sound your buzzer) connected to OpenHAB through a binding. Then you need to write a rule that bascially says “if sensor goes active, then sound buzzer”.