Security System


I am planning to extend my OpenHAB installation with a Security System.

I am looking at DSC.

Can I have some advice what to choose in sweden.


For what it’s worth, and I can’t speak for Sweden, I’ve had openHAB talking to my DSC alarm system since day one.

You need to choose a control panel that’s suitable for your needs (size of property to be protected, number and type of sensors/zones etc) and make sure it’s compatible with an Envisalink interface or the IT-100 IP interface.

Then buy both and install!

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I just had a friend bring me a DSC alarm panel board (PC1832PCB), keypad (PK5500ENG) and Envisalink EVL-3 from the U.S to Europe. Total about USD 275. Now to get a 12V PSU, backup battery and door/window contacts.

You can consider Satel. It is very stable security system - I use Satel Integra128wrl 5 years without any problems.
Satel binding work very well also.

Swedish distributor: