Seeking integration platform testers

So OpenHAB has a bunch of scripting and rules engines that all work well for different sets of requirements inside of OpenHAB.

But what if you want to integrate workflows or automations between OpenHAB and some other SaaS solution? Not just simple 1:1 integrations like Zapier, but ones with more complex logic. Conditionals, loops, routes, lookup tables and the like.

Make is a highly visual, no-code workflow automation and integration Platform-as-a-Service. There’s a fairly usable free (forever) tier. Make has connectors (or “apps” in Make) with around 1,400 different SaaS solutions ranging from, Notion, Airtable, Google Sheets, to enterprise tools like Salesforce, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.

I’ve just created a Make “app” for OpenHAB. It can communicate through or directly with your OpenHAB instance if you’ve exposed it through your firewall.

Currently, the app has modules for:

  • Listing all available Items
  • Get an Item’s state and metadata
  • Send a Command to an Item
  • Get a real-time notification when an Event occurs on an Item (no polling - this is enabled by automatically creating Rules that fire a Webhook when the Event triggers)
  • General API access

I’m looking for testers. If you’d like to try this out, you can sign up for a Make free plan at the link above, and then install my OpenHAB app using this link.

Please post any questions or feedback under this topic. I’d love to hear from you.

Link does not work

Apologies - link updated

I’d just like to note that this should only be done by users who have the expertise to safely expose their networks to the Internet. (I am not one of those users. :wink: )

There are a lot of people who open ports in their firewalls to avoid a cloud solution, or simply because they followed some instructions they found on the Internet. So, I think it’s always worth highlighting the security risks, without going into too much detail. If somone has to ask a lot of questions about safely exposing their network to the world, they almost certainly shouldn’t do it.

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