Seismic Detection: Fibaro Motion Sensor


I’m trying to get seismic intensity from my fibaro motion sensor.

I currently get temperature,luminance,motion and battery status, but the seimsic intensity level is always “0” and is not updated.

my current items linked to the thing:


Does anyone have an Idea what the problem might be? Do I have to link tamper also in order to get the seimsic intensity?

I already tried to exclude device and include it again, no luck so far.

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There are two Fibaro motion sensors in the database, one does not have the seismic channel.
So you need to find out which one you have and probably edit the database:

I have the same issue. I have the newer device (firmware 3.2), but I get no seismic measurement.

Note, I even set the parameter 24 which is needed to enable the measurement…

Any hint?