Selecting a different sitemap in iOS OpenHAB app

I do not use sitemaps that much, opting instead for HABPanel and now Main UI, but I do maintain one sitemap that mirrors my Overview page (to an extent) for use with the OpenHAB app. I have a case where a sitemap with a few items could be useful, and my larger sitemap would not be necessary. With the ease of creating sitemaps now in Main UI, my understanding was that I could create multiple sitemaps, and then just select which sitemap I wanted in the app. Turns out that I only see my original sitemap in the app (of course labeled “Home”). I’ve tried an OpenHAB restart, setting the default in Main UI settings, and deleting/recreating secondary sitemaps (all through Main UI). Is this expected behavior or am I missing something regarding sitemaps?

I’m on 3.1

  • Operating system

Linux/5.4.0-89-generic (amd64)

  • Java Runtime


11.0.11 (undefined)

Currently the stable release version iOS app only shows the sitemaps. In addition, there has been a long time since the last release and you might encounter some issues with features introduced with openHAB 3 such as UoM.

Having said that, there is development ongoing to support mainui in the app OH3 UI integration for iOS app by timbms · Pull Request #605 · openhab/openhab-ios · GitHub. It also seems that maintenance of the app is being picked up by others as well.

Please note that sitemaps are not related in any way with MainUI “pages”, a concept introduced with openHAB 3. This is discussed in more detail here Pages - Introduction | openHAB

Thanks for the reply, but not really my issue. I understand that Main UI pages are not related to sitemaps. I simply want to select a different sitemap in the app. I have created multiple sitemaps, but only see one in the app:

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There must be something wrong in your settings, as I see all my sitemaps

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Thanks. I dug deeper and found I had an incomplete mapping on the sitemap. Cleared that up and it showed up in the app. Pilot error…

Glad you found it.

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