Selection Item in paper ui items

I am trying to set up my receiver inputs to link to the input channel on the receiver, but there is no selection item when setting up the item. Is this just one I need to map manually?

Selection is something supported by the User UIs (BasicUI, ClassicUI, Habpanel), not the Administration UIs (PaperUI, Habmin).

Your Item should be a String Item. When defining your sitemap you use a Selection element to present this String Item.

ok, thanks again! you are a plethora of information!

in the .items file, i could provide the possible values with mapping, how this can be done in paper ui ?

See above:

So you can’t in PaperUI, but that is generally fine, as you don’t need it there. Where you do need it, is in the User UIs (like basic UI and Habpanel).
And for that:

i have read the post. Habpanel support the option to get them from item definition. i would like to define them once and reuse the edfinition in different dashboards or rules …

if i would like to do that i have to define the item in an .items file, right ?

Thanks again

I believe you are referring to the possibility that a binding provides possible values for a certain item, based on the definition of the thing:

Other than that, AFAIK, you will have to resort to manually making these lists in each interface/sitemap.