Selection items with unselectable values

Is it possible to have a selection item type that only lets you select a subset of the potential states for an item?

For example, in the binding for my security system, there are some security modes that are not selectable. These are ‘Arming Modes’ The system is in the “Arming Mode” for a specific period of time and then switches into the desired mode. For example, if you select mode ‘Night’. The system goes into ‘Arming Night’ for 60 seconds, then switches into ‘Night’ Mode.
If I use a straight up selection, this does not seem to work. If one of the potential modes is not a listed mapping, openhab seems to default to the first mapping (in this case off). So the system will go into arming night, then one second later go into off mode.
I imagine there is a way to do this with unbound/virtual items acting as a proxy, but can’t quite seem to figure out what that would look like.

Just use a partial mapping. It works well in Basic and Classic UI. Unfortunately it does not work as expected in HABdroid and I already filled an issue

Thanks for confirming things aren’t working as expected.

Unfortunately - HABdroid is the only user interface I use, so it close to a showstopper bug for me. At least for this use case. Anyone know any clever work arounds?

I will go +1 your issue.