Selection widget to change page content dynamically


I’m completely new to this tool, and don’t know if I should migrate from sitemap to habpanel…

I only want to use this via the android app not in browserpages

In my old fashioned sitemap i have a selection box for my audio players, and it dynamically shows the selected player controls & coverart and hides all others.

in sitemaps you’re able to do this with the visibility tag - i like this feature a lot, because I like dynamic content for it’s clarity and smartness.

yesterday I had my first approach to adjust a panel to my needs, but how do I dynamically hide widgets or dynamically change the according items used by a widget - is there an easy way to get to the goal or is it more kind of a pain to use habmin in that way? do I have to reinvent the wheel??

An example

There may be more

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hi rossko57,

I also found this thread yesterday, but I’m not sure if this is working the way I need it - so it seems there’s no easy “UI” way to do it - thats why I asked for solutions but this looks like I have to code instead of using a widget which is able to do so without any additional coding - but if it’s so time consuming to achive basic features of sitemaps I should consider still using my old sitemaps to avoid a lot of work while migrating…

If anyone knows another approach with widgets which already implemented dynamic features I would be glad - but I’m afraid no one implemented something like this until now…