Selections reset to 'Off' value

I am seeing something (maybe new?) when I am using the latest version of the android app. In multiple places where I have a selection item in my sitemap. Just loading the screen will sometimes change the selection value to the first value.
For example, a fan will be set to medium or an alarm set to ‘away’ and when I load the part of the sitemap that has those selection items the the fan will be turned off or the alarm will be turned off.

For example:

Frame label="Ceiling Fan" {
  Selection item=MasterBedroomFanLoadLevelStatus label="Fan [SCALE(ceilingFan.scale):%s]" icon="fan_ceiling" mappings=["0"=Off, "33"=Low, "66"=Medium, "100"=High]


 		Selection item=Areas_Main_Mode mappings=["Off"=Off,"Day"=Day,"Night"=Night, "Away"=Away,"Vacation"=Vacation,"Night-Delay"="Night Delay","Day-Instant"="Day Instant"] icon="alarm"

Sometimes (but not always), when I go into those frames it will set the value to the lowest possible value, ignoring what was previously in place.

Is this a known issue?

Hi Brian,

What’s your item type ? ( Switch or Number or String )
Your syntax mapping, I think, is wrong. It should be :
_Selection item=MasterBedroomFanLoadLevelStatus label=“Fan [SCALE(ceilingFan.scale):%s]” icon=“fan_ceiling” mappings=[0=“Off”, 33=“Low”, 66=“Medium”, 100=“High”]
_Selection item=Areas_Main_Mode mappings=[Off=“Off”,Day=“Day”,Night=“Night”, Away=“Away”,Vacation=“Vacation”,Night-Delay=“Night Delay”,Day-Instant=“Day Instant”]


@KevinHab -
Thanks for the info.

For MasterBedroomFanLoadLevelStatus the type is ‘Dimmer’. AreasMain_Mode is of type String.