Semantic Model add Group with Aggregation

My current semantic model looks like that:
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So I have a Living Area which is logically split into Kitchen, Dining and Living-room. I have 3 thermostats at the Radiators and 2 window sensors.

I now want to add for each ob the 3 sub-rooms a Point with desired temperature, this will then be used in a rule to set the temperature on the thermostats depending on the windows and maybe other factors. I know how to do that, but I also want those 3 Points to be in a Group something like:

Living>Temperature>Temperature Kitchen
Living>Temperature>Temperature Dining
Living>Temperature>Temperature Livingroom

This has two reasons:

  1. In the semantic model it would look cleaner if the 3 are grouped.
  2. I want to control all 3 of them simultaneously, but also be able to change them individually. In Openhab 2 I created a Group with aggregation for that, but this seems not possible in the semantic model.

Does anyone have an Idea on how to do this nicely? I really like to have that in the semantic model. I have found a Way to just create the required Items, but then they do not show up in the semantic model.

Not everything need be in the model. In fact there is a lot of stuff, like the Group that you describe for the temperatures that should not be a part of the model. Any given point can only be in one Equipment or Location. Any given Equipment can only be in one Equipment or Location. In other words, any Item, whether it’s a Group or a Point Item, can only be a direct member of one semantically tagged Group.

So go create your Group from the Items page and simply don’t apply any semantic tags.

If you want those three to be Grouped, than they need to be a member of a single Equipment and that Equipment can only exist in one Location. But the three can only be a member of that Equipment. They can’t be a member of that Equipment and in a Location directly.

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