Semantic Model - Best Practices

There is no right or wrong, you can do what makes most sense for you.

My personal opinion: What you are interested in is controlling the light, not the switch. In fact you could have several switches all over your house, that control the same outside light.

So I would place the light in the outside location and I would not include any switches in the model.

If you want to you could create your own custom page for the living room, that also contains the outside light. Or you could bind more than one item to the same channel and place one outside and one inside, but personally I would not do that.



I have some light meters and the measurements are in lux.
I cannot get the readings to show upon the location cards like I can with the open doors and lights and temperature.
I have enabled the average Luminance on the enabled badges but it doesn’t show.

What is the category and Luminance semantic property called?
I have set up the category as light (which is probably wrong) and the semantic class as Measurement and the semantic property is what I don’t really know. I just set the property to ultraviolet just as a place card for the moment.

I have looked here:

At the top of that web page it says: [lolodomo] Property Illuminance removed


Semantic class: Measurement
Semantic Property: Light

OK so obvious!

I have put all my lights in that group as well but they are under control,light.
I will put the Lux meters under measurement, light

Yes that worked…again so obvious. I was overthinking it and looking for Luminance.


I am also overthinking this and Spend Lots of time looking for correct Tags.

Now I struggle with a simple “scene” or “Mode” Tag where the Channel of the physical Thing Just gets a Number value to Trigger a Scene.

Just upgraded to 3.2 and have a few questions regarding the semantic model. I have door sensors connected to my alarm and there are three channels that I am planning to present to the user in various places: status (open/closed), timestamp (last time the door was opened/closed) and low battery (switch).

In the semantic model, I have an equipment “door” (item: group), connected to a room in my building as direct parent group. The door equipment contains three points:

“Door state”, item type: Contact, semantic class: Status, property: Opening
“Door time stamp”, item type: DateTime, semantic class: Point, property: None
“Door low battery”, item type: Switch, semantic class: LowBattery, property: Energy

Issue: when looking at the room-card in the auto generated Locations tab, points in equipment doesn’t show up on the card together with number of lights turned on, temperature etc. as they do in the OH-demo. What to make out of this? It makes sense to use the equipment level to group things together, but if it improves functionality to skip the equipment-level, maybe that’s the path forward?

Skärmavbild 2022-01-19 kl. 17.03.10

Another thing. If I remember correctly from 2.5, you could use a MAP-transformation directly in the item definition. The below definition would present transformations “on the fly” in the UI even if the item wasn’t a string. Is there a way to achieve the same in 3.X? I tried to define a MAP-transformation on the item/channel profile but it only works if the item is of type string.

Contact GF_Frontdoor                "Huvudentré [MAP(]"

The door icon will only show up when the door is OPEN. If there are no open doors the icon does not appear on the card.

The number only appears when there is more than one OPEN door.

Add State Description metadata to the Item. Put what you would have put in [ ] as the Pattern.

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Not sure if I’m doing something wrong, but no points in equipment shows up like you describe. In my basement example I think both the light that is on and the door that is open should show up.

Works perfectly, thanks!

I’m not sure if you are doing something wrong either. All I can say is it works for me.

Maybe you are not using the right Point/Property tags.

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Have a look here and make sure you defined your properties etc. as needed to be shown for badges.

Example for your door, it needs to be configured this way:

Point_Status_OpenState isPointOf Equipment_Door hasLocation (the location)
If no matching item found:
Equipment_Door hasLocation (the location)

Count those with the state OPEN: single result, display the icon only; multiple results, display the icon and the count.
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Everything was configured correctly but still no luck so I decided to try Chrome instead and there it worked. After clearing the cache in Safari it worked there also… Many thanks for your help!

By the way, Safari seems to be a bit unstable with OH. Very often when I configure stuff, for example changing a description, it doesn’t take effect the first time you save. Everything looks ok but when refreshing it reverts back.