Semantic model chrashes

Hello community,
i have a still manageable semantic model with 6 locations and maybe 50 environments and items.
After adding another environment the model hangs up halfway.
As long as I don’t check show non-semantic at the bottom I can click on every element of the model and details displayed on the right.
After I check the “show non-semantic” box nothing is updated in the details area after selecting an element in the model and some of the non-semantic objects are not displayed either in the model.
I can’t find any error in the log files.
In the chrome developer tools i find this error.

Looks a bit like an endless loop. Any idea to find the error?

Thanks and regards

If it’s an endless loop, check your Group memberships. Group memberships need to be in a hierarchy without any cycles. That means you can never have a Group be both an ancestor and descendent of another Group.

I’ve seen some PRs go by that address detecting and complaining about such cycles. An upgrade to the latest milestone might give you a more meaningful error to help you identify which Groups are involved in the problem.

Hi rlkoshak,
thank you for your feedback.
It worked. I deleted the last created nodes and items one after the other and at some point the model was functional again.
Another question - do you know if there is a way to enable the show non-semantic checkbox permanently?
Thanks and regards

No, I don’t think there is a way to make that permement.

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