Semantic Model for Battery, Media Control

just a Semantic Question, i can’t find the correct ones:

HUE Motion Sensor: Battery ?
Spotify: Media Control ?

For Battery i tried Level but thats not correct.
For Media Control i tried Control but i can’t see it in the Dashboard.

Could someone please tell me the correct ones ? Thank you!

PS: The OH3 Demo doesn’t show a single Battery or Media Control. Also it doesn’t show a grouped Light in a room, which is mostly the case everywhere. For me the Demo isn’t really complete and doesn’t represent a “real” household. I know its a Demo, but it should and could also be a great reference to look into. would be nice to get this updated for us noobies. thanks

I use “Status, Energy” for battery. I’ve seen others use “lowBattery,Energy” as well.

For a media controller I just use Control. The control Item appears under the Equipment as expected. If you want it to appear on the Properties tab you need to give it a Property tag and there really isn’t one appropriate for media playback.

But as with all things with the model, what you choose and how you represent it is up to you. There is no “correct” way so long as you don’t break the syntax.

As for the demo, an issue or even better a PR would be welcome. But realize that it’s just as bad to present too much so that it’s overwhelming.

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