Semantic Model for Things with Textfile


i test OH3. By my installation i work with text files. In the Example for the semantiv model i see, a bulb can be a top, an the Brightness etc can be child.
But i dont know, how i can write this in textfiles. The Bulbchannel are not the problem, but by the thing, i dont understand the tagging.

Is this only possible with the GUI?

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Sorry, i dont see, that in the Example with the Thing a Group was created.

Thanks a lot

@mhbosch can’t find it either. can you help me and point me to the right direction

Hey Milo,

Do you meen the example for GUI?

How define semantic class in the thing file

Oh OK,

you cant define it for a Thing. You need a new Group.
At the GUI you can make a new Group from Things. My misunderstoud, i think this a semantic Type of a Thing. But it is only a group.

Follow the first instruction in the first answer. There is a example, how you define it.

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To clarify: the Semantic Model is tied to Items (and Group Items) - it has nothing to do with Things, and cannot be configured for a Thing.