Semantic model loop

Whenever I look at the Locations, Equipment or Properties tabs I get this error:

A a loop has been detected in the semantic model: TPLINKPowerStrip3306 is both descendant and parent of TPLINKPowerStrip3306. Please correct and refresh. 

I deleted all the things and items related to that powerstrip, then deleted the TPLink binding. Reinstalled it all and set up the outlet items under new names and all seems well.

But I can’t find anything that is causing the loop. From a console I searched things and items but nothing showed. Where else should I look?

First: Semantic Model is Items only, so don’t waste time with Bindings, Thing and channels.

A loop is, you have a group item which is both descendent and parent of another group item (maybe a even longer chain, like gItem1 -> gItem2 -> gItem3 -> gItem4 -> gItem1 - also possible is a self-reference, gItem1 -> gItem1)

The message complains about one specific Item, so take a deeper look at exactly this Item and concentrate on group membership.

And without making any changes, an no restart or reboot the loop is gone.

Only thing that changed is I was away from the computer for a bit and restarted firefox.

There’s part of your issue. At the moment Firefox’s page caching includes a about the javascript environment that interferes with proper updates to the UI. So there are a lot of instances where a user makes a change and cannot see the results of that change in the UI. The solution is to to a hard refresh of the page when you suspect that is happening or just use a non-firefox browser to work with the MainUI.