Semantic Model no longer displays

  • Platform information:
    Hardware: Intel NUC i3 16Gb RAM 500Gb SSD
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04LTS
    Java Runtime Environment: Zulu JRE11
    openHAB version:3.2.0

Issue of the topic:
The semantic model page shows “Loading…” but never actually loads (so far waiting for 20 minutes)

I see no entries in openhab.log or events.log which might point to a problem

Has anyone else experienced this issue and, if so, what solution did you find?

Many thanks in advance
Ian Carson

I do not have that problem, but I recognized, that loading the semantic model takes a very long time. I have some 1400 items. It is really slow

I appreciate your comments but I have now been waiting for 12.5 hours for the model page to load, surely this can’t be normal? The model loaded in a few seconds in openHAB_3.1.0

I am having the same problem, where the model isnt loading. I am on a Ubuntu server ( groovy :frowning: and cannot update it) and Openhab 3.0.1
I have been through all the json files wuth a RFC tester and they are formatted correctly.
No issues with it actually working, but I cannot change the model or add anything.
I really do not want to rebuild the server as it has other services.

Anybody got any pointers?