Semantic Model no longer displays

  • Platform information:
    Hardware: Intel NUC i3 16Gb RAM 500Gb SSD
    OS: Ubuntu 16.04LTS
    Java Runtime Environment: Zulu JRE11
    openHAB version:3.2.0

Issue of the topic:
The semantic model page shows “Loading…” but never actually loads (so far waiting for 20 minutes)

I see no entries in openhab.log or events.log which might point to a problem

Has anyone else experienced this issue and, if so, what solution did you find?

Many thanks in advance
Ian Carson

I do not have that problem, but I recognized, that loading the semantic model takes a very long time. I have some 1400 items. It is really slow

I appreciate your comments but I have now been waiting for 12.5 hours for the model page to load, surely this can’t be normal? The model loaded in a few seconds in openHAB_3.1.0

I am having the same problem, where the model isnt loading. I am on a Ubuntu server ( groovy :frowning: and cannot update it) and Openhab 3.0.1
I have been through all the json files wuth a RFC tester and they are formatted correctly.
No issues with it actually working, but I cannot change the model or add anything.
I really do not want to rebuild the server as it has other services.

Anybody got any pointers?

Sorry for the delayed response. My openHAB development was on hold :sleepy:

This problem seems to arise when there are circular group references in this file


Searching for and correcting these circular references in the “groups” section of each entry in the file solved this for me.

I had been doing a lot of manual management of the file and there were a couple of places where the group entries included the item itself and a couple where the group was a “grandparent” not a parent.

It wasn’t too onerous to carry out this task despite the file being 11000 lines! :grinning: