Semantic model of OH3

Good morning to all the OpenHab community.
I would like to ask for some clarification regarding the semantic model of OH3.
From what I have read on the forum and the software documentation, the semantic model is divided into Location, Equipment and Point. The first two (Location and Equipment) are Group-type items, ie containers within which other groups or items can be inserted that have tags that allow OH to understand what kind of objects they are.
The Locations instead, again from what I understand, allow you to define physical spaces (rooms, floors, etc.) within which the groups are placed.
The Equipment, on the other hand, represent a real hardware device (eg relays, switches, thermostats, etc.), while the Points represent the actual channels made available by the equipment.
So in my case, a Shelly1 is represented by an Equipment, while the channels it makes available are the Points. Several Shellys are placed inside a Location that represents the “physical” place where they are placed.
Since I find this software very flexible and interesting to know, is my interpretation correct?
Thank you in advance for all the help you will want to provide.
I wish you a good day.


I would think most of above is correct.
The only remark: points are not really channels, points are connected to the item, which again, is then linked to a channel (one channel could have though multiple items).

Edit: another comment on points, they can also be part of a location without an equipment and will then appear in the properties tab of a location card.

Some small addition:
Sometimes you model an equipment in a location based on a channel of a device located somewhere else.
I have window contacts connected to a central knx binary input located somewhere centrally.
So I model the contact as an equipment in the room but link a point from the binary input thing.
The input itself is modelled as a separate equipment as it holds more information / channels than just the contacts.
My rule is to model an equipment, where the user would expect it to be located.
I really recommend reading the post by Rich, very good overview.


Also an item can be both an equipment and a point.