SEMSPortal Binding only works correctly with one inverter

Hi, in my home installation I have two inverters. The result is, that I do get only the values from one of them, not the cumulated one.

Another approach for Goodwe inverters is this one:
It is a bit more complicated, but I guess it could be adapted for more than one inverter if they have separate ip addresses.

Hi Diego, thanks for your hint. I will test it and will inform about the result :-).
And yes. each inverter has it’s own wlan module and therefore it’s own ip address.

Here are the results from Germany: 12 points goes to DiegoDf. Thanks a lot.
If somebody want’s to know something about my solution, feel free to ask.

@DiegoDf : Or should I comment your original post linked above with my solution?

Yes Stefan, if you want it, you can comment the original post. This could help other people in the future.