Send an unnecessary command, yes or no?

What I’m wondering, can it hurt to send ‘unnecessary’ commands?
I’m thinking of sending an extra ‘ON’ to fe a relay that’s already ‘ON’. Or trying to close shutters (send 100) when they’re already closed?

Will this consume extra (battery)power? Will relays be faster come to an end of life? Other things?

So what do you prefer? fe

   if(ITEM1.state != ON) ITEM1.sendCommand(ON)
   if(SHUTTER1.state != 0) SHUTTER1.sendCommand(0)

or just go with:


Any pro/contra’s?

You shouldn’t have relays on battery. That would be a short fun.

No usually it won’t do harm to do this (unless you trigger some sort of circular action dependency this way but that you usually find out quickly if your bulbs start blinking :slight_smile: )

Then again, note though that you’re just hiding/covering deeper problems this way.
Common ones are transmission not working or that shutters reports to be at 1 or 2 percent rather than “0”. Proper handling in that case would be to have some tolerance in your rules.

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Above were just some quick examples that pops in my head.

I just was wondering if ‘unnecessary commands’ wouldn’t have somehow a negative result. And if this needed to be avoid. I’m thinking about lower data traffic, less power consumption, wear out of material…

That’ll be marginal savings. Material none as a virtual switch command only results in a physical switch if the first command didn’t do.