Send data from OpenHab to database


I’m newest here and i found problems to send data from openHab to database.

I did some research and i found that i should install Mysql and configure it with openHab.

Please, can someone give me a simple tutorial how to create a simple database, configuration steps and how can i send to it informations using switch for exemple ? and if can you give me more idea and advises to be able to manage my database with openHab.

Thank you,

This is a little bit more complicated approach. You need several tutorials to get that to work …

Is there a chance you could use something more simple?

Then just read the persistence section of openhab wiki and find the rrd4j persistence:

Persist your items every minute (important!) and you can use those data to restore them on startup. You will not be able to query that database, so if you have a need to do that you have to use something more complicated (like mysql).

Have fun.