Send data to vzlogger (volkszaehler)


I just started with openhab so please forgive me, if this may be a stupid question. I installed OH3, setup mosquitto and flashed my power plugs with Tasmota.
I already get the data from devices like power, voltage, current, state etc.
But I want to send the data forward to another local server which has volkszaehler installed.
I already installed the HTTP Binding. It would only be a HTTP GET request to be sent like:
But what I dont know yet, is how to concatinate the power value to the url and how the http binding can be triggered when new data are coming in from the device. Basically what I have to create (channel, item…?)

thanks in advance


I think it’s ‘described’ here:

unfortunately a complete example is missing.
maybe this vid can help you:

another possibility would be a rule.
there you could sum the values of the items etc. and run the request.

To outline that part, when set up the HTTP binding will require you to send command to openHAB Item(s) for onward transmission.

That’s easily done from a rule, which can be triggered from incoming state updates and/or periodically, and also do any pre-processing before commanding.

Or if you require a simple re-transmit of same data, you can perhaps use follow profile which allows direct “conversion” of incoming updates on one channel to outgoing commands on another channel.


Thanks for you answers. I am a newbie with openhab, so I dont really understand what you are suggesting.
I have created a things file for the device:

Thing mqtt:topic:cmnd:01_Tasmota "001_Tasmota" (mqtt:broker:71b889691c) [ availabilityTopic="tele/01_Tasmota/LWT", payloadAvailable="Online", payloadNotAvailable="Offline" ] {
        Type switch : PowerSwitch   [stateTopic="stat/01_Tasmota/POWER",  commandTopic="cmnd/01_Tasmota/POWER", on="ON", off="OFF"]
        Type number : Power         [stateTopic="tele/01_Tasmota/SENSOR", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.ENERGY.Power"]
        Type trigger: Trig          [stateTopic="tele/01_Tasmota/SENSOR", transformationPattern="JSONPATH:$.ENERGY.Power"]

Then an items file:

Switch 001_Tasmota_Switch "001_Tasmota_Switch" <poweroutlet> {channel="mqtt:topic:cmnd:01_Tasmota:PowerSwitch"}
Number 001_Tasmota_Power "001_Tasmota_Power" <poweroutlet> {channel="mqtt:topic:cmnd:01_Tasmota:Power"}

I can see the device and item in the UI it is online and the values are shown in the power item, but I am stil confused what should be linked with what.
I have already installed the http binding and read the documentation for it, but I am not familiar with all the terms and syntax yet.

Sorry for the dump questions, I am still learning…

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