Send event jython

o, bad news… Everything is zigbee here. My lights are connected to the hue bridge. My sensors (aqara) are connected to deConz (since the hue bridge doesn’t support them). For now, I have the feeling that the hue bridge is very stable. I had already a few problems with deConz (Things going off/online randomly sometimes while Phoscon app tells me nothing is wrong), and the hue binding is not complete… So, I don’t want remove my lights from the hue bridge to add them to deConz for now.
Sad, because I read everywhere that openhab is stable.

Sorry, but I still don’t understand why you insist on simulating a button press event to be sent directly to the bridge. Well, I understand that it could be convenient if you have setup all actions, including time-based, for the smart button in the bridge, but the Hue binding is not aware of any of the advanced bridge features like scenes, groups, time-of day events, sunset/sunrise events, etc. It is simply not possible with the binding - you could of course resort to the API of the bridge with HTTPS commands ;o).

I have hue Taps, Dimmers, and Lights connected to a Hue bridge and use a few simple (Jython) rules to make sure they stay in sync - and even mimic a simple scenes selection by detecting repeated or long presses.

Simulating a button pressed event to inform the bridge as you asked can be replaced by an OH rule that is triggered by whatever event you like and which sends the appropriate commands to the hue bridge to mimic the button. Result: the state of the lights is just like when you would have pressed the button.

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