Send notification to specific device?

Hi folks,

when I log in with my my.openhab account I can see two mobile devices listed me and my wife are using.

Now I want to send a notification to a specific device like this.

sendNotification("your my.openHAB user email here", "your text here")

But I can only use the mail address from my login. Is there any way to define a specific device receiving the message?


You need to create multiple accounts each with a separate email address associated with your my.openhab deployment. Log into my.openhab, hover over your account name in the upper left corner, choose “Users” and choose “Add User”.

Use this second account on your second device and use the appropriate email to direct the notifications to the given device.

NOTE: I’ve not done this myself, I’m only going on the docs.

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… but it works exactly this way :sunglasses:

:confounded: Got it… Sorry. Should have seen that myself… Thanks a lot for your help. Works fine! :blush: