Send push notifications in the local network to openHAB App

Hello community, I need your help because I just reach my limits and don’t know how to go on.
I upgraded to OH3 two days ago and it worked fine. Only the reverse proxy with nginx can no longer be used. It still worked with OH2.

I set up the proxy according to the official documentation but it just doesn’t work with OH3 anymore. I have read all the articles on the topic here and tried to implement but none of them work.
What I had prepared in OH2 and wanted to implement in OH3:

I want to send messages to the openHAB APP in the internal network.
For example when a battery is empty.
For information, I access openHAB from outside via VPN.

Maybe I have a completely wrong approach?
Can anyone tell me if this is even possible and if so and the nginx is necessary for it I can get the whole thing to work?

Best regards

Sending push notifications will only work with an openHAB cloud server. I recommend to use the server maintained by the openHAB Foundation:
With it you can send push notifications and access openHAB from outside your LAN.

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