Send text message/email with openhab cloud connector

Does anyone know how to send text message or email through openhab cloud connector?

I want to have a motion sensor set up so that when it is triggered, I get a text message to my phone, or email.

Check the mail binding or sendBroadcastNotification

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THANKS! nice function to have.

How to do the rules part through Paper UI?

I would not recommend creating any rules through PaperUI at this moment. PaperUI is replaced in the upcoming openHAB 3 and rule creation in PaperUI is very limited to what is possible and bugy. For now, better look into creating rules in files, in jython or Javascript.


Thanks for your reply was just about to write something similar.

do you know the release date for openhab 3?

A first milestone release is expected this month, and first release is aimed at somewhere at the end of this year.

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Do I need to download openhab3 when it is released or does my openhab2 auto update?

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