Send text to speech to Amazon Echo device

Hello, everyone,

I have a problem with the Amazon Echo Control Binding. I can set up the binding and also have access to my existing echo devices. However, the TextToSpeech channel is not recognized via the PaperUI. When I try to bind the channel manually using the configuration files I can’t send any messages. But I think that the channel was available when I first tried the Bindig and I was able to send a message, now it doesn’t seem to show up anymore. I have already uninstalled the binding and reinstalled it again, but that did not bring any change.

Here is the configuration from my files:


Bridge amazonechocontrol:account:680d943f "Amazon Konto (Things file)" @ "Zuhause" 
        Thing echo EchoLivingRoom "Echo Living Room" @ "Living Room" [serialNumber="G090LV0363712345"]
        Thing echoshow EchoKitchen "Echo Kitchen" @ "Kitchen" [serialNumber="G0911B0594654321"]


String Echo_LivingRoom_TTS             "Text to Speech"    {channel="amazonechocontrol:echo:680d943f:G090LV0363712345:textToSpeech"}
String Echo_Kitchen_TTS             "Text to Speech"    {channel="amazonechocontrol:echoshow:680d943f:G0911B0594654321:textToSpeech"}


Echo_LivingRoom_TTS.sendCommand('Washing machine finished')

Did you try to click the Show More Button?

Looking at the channel definition in PaperUI you will see that your used channel definition isn’t correct.
My guess something like:


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