Send track URL to MPD client

Hey there.
I have a spare Raspberry Pi running MPD in our babys room to play some good-night songs that are on a network storage.
I was wondering if it’s possible to play a certain file using the network URL.
In the description of the binding the following is being used:

actions.sendCommand("load", "MorningMusic");

but I don’t know what to make of that :frowning:



knowing that this thread is really old, but the question was exactly the one I had - hope this helps somebody else. Finally found the solution:

var mpdActions = actions.thingActions('mpd', 'mpd:mpd:f7d419fd70');
mpdActions.sendCommand("add", "")

where ‘mpd:mpd:f7d419fd70’ is the UID of my MPD-Thing. You can use all commands of mpd this way to control your player.

Best regards, and now, it’s solved for me :headphones: Rene.

@rene_rostock have you tried to to use the albumart or pictureread commands? I’m struggling to find a way get Artwork from the MP so that I can display it as part of my UI. Any help or ideas would be appreciated.

Hi John, sorry, not idea how to get some information back from MPD. Best regards, Rene