Send/update meter reading to Loxone App

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Oh, is that the issue, the source Item is a Quantity type?

someItem.sendCommand((otherItem.state as Number).toBigDecimal)

Hi! thanks for these answers. Sorry for not answering earlier but got a busy week.

Indeed, got it to work now. Problem was indeed related to format. To get it working, I had to change the type from the items to “Number” only (eg. type “Number:Energy” would not work). Also, changing only the number of the item linked to the Loxone item would not work, but I had to change also the type from the DSMR binding item. Thanks for helping sorting this out!

Did not get this to work…




Thanks. ClimateController and HourCounter are currently not supported, so those state updates are not processed but they cause the message loop to parse them.
Do you need any of these functions to be supported by OH?

No need for climate controller or hour counter from my side. But if at some point you find the time to look into the other issue that I logged, I would very much appreciate. Nothing urgent though…

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