Send username in push notification

Hello. I have multiple account. I want, that my app understand, what account get notification. In openhabcloud server i found this parameters

exports.sendNotification = function(registrationIds, notification) {
    var data = {
        message: notification.message,
        severity: notification.severity,
        icon: notification.icon,
        persistedId: notification._id,
        timestamp: notification.created.getTime()
    sendNotificationWithData(registrationIds, data);

Application get this parameters.

    return CloudNotification(

One can register multiple accounts on Under “Users” you can add users to a given account and set their role (master, user, etc.).

In your rules, there are actions to send notifications to one user or to all users. If you send a notification to just one user, only that one user gets the notification.

I don’t understand what you are after but that’s the purpose of the code you’ve found.

because i have 2 different accounts and 2 different openhabs.