sendCommand to a group

Sorry folks, I’m new to this and struggling with a real simple one that still failing me… I have a group of z-wave lights and want to turn them all on or off together. All works fine via the sitemap but not via rules.


Group:Dimmer gTest3 "Test 3" <light> ["Switchable"]

Dimmer zwave_lights_table    "Table"       (gTest3)    ["Switchable"]  { channel="zwave:device:9412cbc8:node10:switch_dimmer" }
Dimmer zwave_lights_front_L  "Front Left"  (gTest3)    ["Switchable"]  { channel="zwave:device:9412cbc8:node4:switch_dimmer" }

And the rule:


front_R is coming on fine, but none of the grouped lights come on. Can’t see any errors in the log.

What silly thing am I missing?

May have worked it out… restarted the Pi and the rules now seem to work… Will keep experimenting.