Sending a value to a FALMOTs valve state possible?

I’m trying to set the valve state of one channel (i.e. the actuator to control the valve level) of the FALMOT-C12 heating valve control by a rule. Tried the obvious


and the log got back with “Datapoint is readOnly, it is not published to the gateway with id”.

Yeah, the log seems to say it all. Eventually there’s another trick or I did something wrong with the sendCommand?

Background is, that I need to control one valve other then by the direct link to a Homematic IP thermostat.

And BTW: Is it possible to identify in the MainUI (item or thing) somehow if some point is read-only or not? I did not spot anything there which would help me to avoid such mistakes (if any ,-)


I don’t think that this is possible, because I have set up a Falmot as well as some etrv-2 the same way (Dimmer).
I can control the valves of the etrv at least for short, as it’s more or less instantly overwritten by the actual heating group control, but I can’t do the same for the Falmot.

May I ask, what is your usecase? A workaround could be to create a heating group within the CCU with just that valve and control that.

Actually I found out, it’s definitly not possible because the valve state is a read only value on the FALMOT itself. Source: page 1808ff. So it’s definitly not possible.

The use case is: I have a couple of radiators connected to a single thermostat via direct connection. However, I want to shutdown one radiator during the night. So my idea was to kind of copy another valve state every five minutes to the one “shutdown valve” except during a defined time in the night where I’d set it to 0%. With OH that would be a 10 line rule, quite simple. But I don’t know how it’s done as a script of the CCU, have not experience of scripting that.
My workaround is currently I setup a second thermostat just for this radiator which get’s a differnt weekly program that reduces the temperature during the night to 0 °C, so it gets shut down. Same effect, 50 EUR more expensive but I don’t have to fiddle around with the CCU scripting for ages ,-)