Sending boolean to KNX binding OH2.5

I am trying to handle a KNX item of a type 1.002 (1 bit) boolean. I defined thing like this:

Type switch : myItem "desc" [ ga="15/3/12" ]

But I am not able to change its state. I tries to send ON, OFF, 1, 0, True, False, whatever… just nothing works. In KNX it works fine, I send True or False and it works, I just have no idea how to handle it with Open Hab.

Anyone faces and solved that issue before?

Did you link Channel knx:device:yourbridge:thething:myItem to a Switch Item? This:

Type switch : myItem "desc" [ ga="15/3/12" ]

isn’t an Item at all, it’s a Channel.

Sorry, my bad! I connected it to an item, but that item had type “Number” instead of “Switch” - copy-paste error. :-/

Now it works, thanks for help!