Sending colored pushover messages

i tried to send colored Pushover messages, but failed as I don’t know, how to add the color to the message.
htmlFormatting is enabled in pushover.cfg
Any hints?
Thanks Joerg

Use html?

if it would be that easy :wink:
Where has the HTML code to be placed and how?
I tried to send a colored message like this:
sendPushoverMessage(pushoverBuilder("<font color="#0000ff">Window closed").withPriority(-1))
I escaped the quatation marks of the color to keep the message string, but I only get the pure string with the HTML text, but no color.
adding “.withHtmlFormatting(1)” btw. gives another error message: ‘withHtmlFormatting’ is not a member of ‘org.openhab.action.pushover.internal.Pushover’

My guess is that should be:


Doesn’t work either.
I’m afraid, the “.withHtmlFormatting” method is not yet implemented in 2.5M1.
I looked into Github and the method was implemented (merged) on June 16th this year.