Sending .json Commands over the OpenHab Panel

I connected my Openhab 2.5 with the build in MQTT server to my ESP8266 to controll an LED strip.
Now I am thinking about how to controll it the best way :thinking:
My ESP8266 needs json commands like: {ā€œ0ā€:2,ā€œ2ā€:[0,255,0]}
ā€œ0ā€ for Mode selection
ā€œ2ā€ for color selction ā€¦
From the openHab panel I can only send a number with a slider ā€¦
I am searching for something like:
One Slider for sending only the mode {ā€œ0ā€:x}
Next Slider for colour {ā€œ2ā€:[0,0,255]}
Where can I implement sending in json format and how ?

Does someone understand my problem and knwo a easy way to solve it?

Welcome to the Community!

Use the search function and you will most likly find a solution. :wink: