Sending percentage value to KNX

Hello everyone.

I despair of sending an percentage Number to knx. Working with temperatures works - % ist not.

I set up in knx.things:

Type number-control		:	knxLuftfeuchteBad [ ga="9.007:3/1/4" ]

and a rule wich triggers sending to the knx bus:

rule "Luftfeuchte Bad für KNX setzen"
     Item tempsensor1humidity changed

     // Senden an KNX  
    sendCommand(knxLuftfeuchteBad, (tempsensor1humidity.state as Number).floatValue)

I also tried to set a " + " %“” to the float value, to send the %-sign too. (doesnt work)
I also tried to convert it to a string and replace “.” by “,” (also doesnt work).

In knx the groupadress is also configured as DTP 9.007.
everything works on OH - but in KNX the values doesn’t show up.




had similar issues. Here my working example, maybe you can adopt to your situation…:
Item (Dimmer is important, when I remember correctly):

Dimmer           KNX_GT1_Volume     "Volume"    {channel="knx:device:bridge:GT1:volume"}

Thing Channel (also ‘position’ is important when I’m not mistaken):

Type dimmer   : volume              "volume"            [ position="1/2/4" ]


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Note that this channel type does not transmit openHAB Item commands onto the KNX bus, by design.

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Thanks for your input. Does not solve the Problem immediately, but after putting a DTP on it, it worked.

Type dimmer		:	knxLuftfeuchteBad [ position="9.007:3/1/4" ]

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