Sending REFRESH from Rule in OpenHAB3

How do i send REFRESH as a Command to an item in a Rule from GUI in OpenHAB3?
Is it just to send REFRESH ?

Looks right then confirm that it does what you want but tracking the events.log file. Og nothing there then probably there is an error in the openhab.log file

It did not work to just write REFRESH

In the ancient world of OH 2.3 or suchlke,it was necessary to do an import to get REFRESH recognized as a valid command type in rules. It had simply been forgotten to add it to the environment, fixed later.

I would imagine something similar has happened here - maybe the GUI editor, maybe the rules context.
I suggest raising a github issue for this.

did you check the output in the logs?

Does not recognize Command REFRESH

That’s in your log, or on screen? If it’s in your log the whole line is useful, because it identifies what module is complaining.

2021-01-13 12:42:55.219 [WARN ] [ternal.handler.VerisureBridgeHandler] - unknown command! REFRESH

Looks to me like you are successfully sending the command to an openHAB Item, but it is linked to a channel/Thing/binding that doesn’t know what to do with it.
Bindings are not obliged to handle REFRESH commands, and may choose to issue a WARN message if a command is ignored.

I see from the docs that Verisure binding is supposed to recognise a REFRESH on one particular channel?

Is the target Item a String type Item? It’s just possible the UI based rule is sending command as string “REFRESH” and not as command type REFRESH. You’re not going to see the difference in the logs.
You might be able to demonstrate if the binding is working properly by doing an xxitem.sendCommand(REFRESH) from an old fashioned text DSL rule, so that you know what you sent.

EDIT - I had an experiment (in OH2.5) to see if you could tell REFRESH command from “REFRESH” string, by looking at effects of autoupdate. No good - either the string gets interpreted as the command by the OH framework, or else autoupdate ignores this particular string. But neither affects the Item state.

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