Sending URL commands Via OH2 (Openhabian)

Hi everyone,

Firstly let me just say I have been loving OH2 and I am currently implementing it via OpenHabian on a Rpi3. I am currently having issues sending a command to my Orvibo smart plug via URL. The item and sitemap are currently set up and working correctly, and I can control it with no problems via the android app, paperUI and HABpanel.

The issue I’m having is that I am trying to set up the Amazon-echo-HA_bridge, which requires a URL command. From the posts I have read so far on this forum, the command “http://MYIP:8080/CMD?LoungeLamp=ON” should allow me to control this, but I am getting the error “Problem accessing /CMD. Reason: Not Found”. I have read that classic UI provides CMD? funtionality, but doesnt appear to be available with openhabian (I only get 2 UI panels when I view the server - paperUI and HABpanel).

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as once I get this last piece working, I’ll be able to control all of my devices with Alexa :slight_smile:

UPDATE: my issue was solved completely by this post - OH2, milights and hue emulation

Great guide for anyone trying to automate their OH2 devices with Alexa!

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