Sending zwave "all off" commands?

I’ve been going through setting up a new install to start fresh with OH3 and I was wondering if there’s a way to send the zwave “all off” command somehow to simplify some rules. I see configuration for it on each thing but I don’t see anything on the controller thing where I would think something like that would live. I tried searching but I think “all off” and “switch all” are just too generic to be of any use. Is there a way to send that through the binding somehow?

How would we do that? Many channels do not have a concept of “off”. How do you turn a sensor “off”? Or a rollershutter?

I get that, but it’s part of the zwave standard if I understand correctly (and I may very well not). It seems like it is though or else this config wouldn’t be needed

so I guess what I am asking is how to send a “SWITCH ALL” command?

Perhaps something within OH using groups?

That’s how I had it set up in my OH2 install (it’s currently powered off) and it seems to not work well for some reason. I even had the rule loop through the group and only send the “OFF” command to items that were on (usually only 3 or 4) and while the event gets logged quickly in the events.log file, in reality seemingly random lights can take up to several seconds to actually switch off. I have the same rule in my new OH3 install and it behaves the same way strangely. All other rules with my zwave stuff in both installs (i.e. turn on zwave light when zwave motion sensor trips, etc) run quick like they should at all times i’ve noticed so i’m not 100% sure it’s the network itself although I have not totally dismissed that as a possibility. I’m thinking using the built in zwave command class might work better for my case, or at least i’d like to try and see if it does if it’s possible.

I believe command class support is device-specific as well as needing support from the binding. @chris could address this better than I can.