Sending Zwave devices for @chris for easier support of Zwave binding

I have a question / suggestion for @chris.

I have read a lot on the forum regarding Zwave and as I am just getting started myself again (tried before with OH1.3 and OH1.7 but never got to fix it then)

I see the complexity and the amount of time that for example Chris is putting into all of us having a functional Zwave binding.

My question is if it is possible for us users in a structured way to help when new devices arrive - in so that we have the possibility to send=give one/two devices to Chris so he can test it hands on for upcoming updates of the binding - if Chris himself feels that it would improve on things of course.

I guess that for some new devices no problem occur - it is just a matter of adding XML info into Zwave database - but for others like Qubino there seems to be a lot of problems that most certainly it would help having the device.
(I read that Chris got one Qubino device from one forum member recently in order to understand some of the qubino problems).

I was also thinking that it is more probable that a device that Chris has - and uses in his own network is more likely to work since possible errors may be noted by Chris also.

So in a win-win situation Chris gets devices he can use in his daily production environment and in test - and he saves some money/time spent on getting new devices - and also probably Chris can save time when trying to understand errors and fixing them.

can we handle this in a structured way so that

  • We can ask Chris for example in this thread or similar thread if he would like to have one/two of a specific device

  • Chris can state here that he would like to have a specific device for improving function

Is this a good idea?

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