SendMail action undenfined

Hello everybody,

I have openhab2 installed on a raspberry pi 3. I am using paperui and trying to test the sendMail add on and I’m running into an issue I can’t figure out. I installed the mail 1.9 add on via the gui add-ons page. I then created a button with the mail action and typed in this command into the script line of paperui.

sendMail("", “from openhab”, “Test1”)

I did configure the mail.cfg file with the correct smtp settings. When I press the action button, I receive no email. I checked the log files and it said error line 1 sendMail is not defined. I am stumped and don’t understand why that command isn’t recognized. The mail v1.9 add on is installed, mail.cfg file is configured. What else am I missing for this email add on to work? Thank you

I’m having the same issue. I’ve installed 3 different OH2 systems on 3 different machines and haven’t been able to get email to work at all. There is little to no help on the issue. It seems those that it works for just say “make sure your mail.cfg file is correct” Well I’ve done everything that I can think of and can’t for the life of me figure out why it’s so D#@M hard to send an email.

Good luck and if you figure it out could you please post how you fixed it?