SenecHome Binding

Thanks for the support.
I’m trying to get the new version up and running.
I have a question about it:
How can I set the “https” option to True via the Thing file?

No Problem, should work like this:

Thing senechome:senechome:pvbattery [ hostname=“”, useHttps=true, refreshInterval=60, limitationTresholdValue=70, limitationDuration=60 ]

My items are filling up with life.
As it looks in my short test, it is running again.

Same for me: working again. Several tries to get away from offline (error) but after logging in and restarting several times, it went to green again.

Thanks a lot !!!

Just found a GitHub Issue and linked it to my Pull Request. Hopefully this PR is added to the next OpenHAB release.

Hi @KobiP ,

I found that the „Live“ parameters, like LiveGridImport a.s.o. are down to zero! Except the Live Wallbox 1 Charged Energy. This value is filled and ok, but all the others are 0.
Is it on my side only?

QHi, also works again for. In addition to @demlstda the wallbox1chargingPower also does not provide new values.

No reaction ;(

the discussion continued also on GitHub in an Issue ticket. Another maintainer and myself try to get the changes merged to the official binding. And I started with an implementation that receives the live values from But it is a completely new implmentation and it will take some time.

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Hi @KobiP

thank you for providing the snapshot.
is it possible that the live house consumption channel was accidentally removed from the snapshot?
Can this possibly be added again ?