SenecIES binding


I’m interested in a binding for SenecIES devices, see:
I already reverse-engineered the HTTP communication here and made a python script, which works well, but I have no idea how to convert/write the same in Java as a binding. I followed the instructions here on Linux to setup the IDE, but it never worked without getting a ton of error messages.



that’s sound interessting. I will get my senecIES next week. I hope you will get to run the connection until then :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

If you wait a few days I will enter my solution for connecting TA (technische Alternative) CMI Device via Modbus and openHAB RestAPI.

As “middleware” I use a nodeJS program which easily connects to modbus as well as to the RestAPI.
nodeJS also has http Clients so it should be very easy to make your connection. But python sounds good as well.

Do you realy have a direct connection to the Senec device or do you connect via a internet page?

Later on it would be realy nice to have a full integrated binding solution. At the moment I did not try to start with that.
I still have to deal with more fundamental problems.

I’ve got access to the device via local network, which is unencrypted.
Just image like my script is simply sending the same data packages like your browser would do, when you are using the local monitoring.
Well, the problem is that you can’t use Python in OpenHAB2, except you convert the Python script into a commandline application and execute the Python interpreter every x seconds. However, I used this on my desktop for testing, but no chance on a NAS, which I’m using for OpenHAB2 currently.

I wish someone could create a example binding, explain how I can embed my code, so I could convert my script into a binding (Java). :confused:

This is a working way. At the first step you can start your python skript via a cron job every x seconds or minutes. This will work pretty well.

If you have a nas, it should be no problem to implement such a cron job. The only question is: Has your nas a python interpreter.

I am using a raspberryPI for that kind of jobs. It sound like overkill, but you only invest 30€ and you have a small little computer with network connection. On the raspberry python is no problem and the power consumption is realy small.
I’am running openhab on a raspberry PI as well.

Which nas are you using for running openhab?

How to setup your IDE for starting developing a binding should be explained here
Setting up an IDE for openHAB

Three chapter deeper you will find Developing a New Binding for openHAB 2

I supose you have already a running openhab2 on your nas.

I’m using a QNAP TS-228 here, as it comes with 1GB RAM and a dual core.
OH2 works very well here.

There is a way to use a cron job… you even you can use the exec-binding, but I’m not interested in such a dirty implementation.

Well, the problem is that I feel lost around all the generated files… All the Java code around and I don’t get what I’m doing there… :grimacing:

I am actually starting to build a SenecIES Binding - I will let you know when there is something to test. Are you still interested?

Yes, I’am.

Also interested here!

Hello guys!
I’m also interested in this binding. I own two Senec Home V2 10.0 and I have the ability to access them over my network. So it would be great to add them to OpenHab. :grin:

Hi developers,
i also own a Senec Home V2 10.0
It would be interesting to conect my KEBA-Wallbox with mySenec Home, to use my solarenergie as much as possible.

are there any news on your binding? Im a proud owner of a Senec Home V2 7.5 and i would realy like to use the data for a loading-system of my electric car :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on a PR, but communicating directly with the device instead of the cloud platform

Should work with your Senec Home v2,
maybe you want to contrib as a tester, because I have a Senec Home v2.1

Hey vctender,
thank you for this great Binding. It works great with my two Senec Home V2 10.0! :sunglasses:
Can you put the binding in the official repository? I think that many users would be pleased about the binding.

Thanks again for the great work. :grin:

how did you do it Do you have to set anything on the battery? I don’t get the value.

Can someone give me an item example?